Thursday, October 1, 2009

Take Your Fixed Gear Bike With You While Traveling And Say Goodbye to Slow, Clunky Rentals

If you're a fixie freak, you probably were not surprised to hear that a fixed-gear bike is a better transportation solution in urban situations than either a car, bus, train, sidewalk, police car, or even helicopter, in cities like NYC and even Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

When traveling, however, finding access to your favorite mode of transportation is a huge headache.

Savagenyc has rented bikes over the past year in Montreal, San Francisco, Sevilla and Provincetown, and the absolute dinosours we were given had us either cursing in exasperation and/or breaking down in fits of laughter over the sheer non-functionality of the 80-lb cruisers. When we were merrily passed by a septugenarian on an oversized tricycle, we knew there had to be a better way.

Most rental shops won't carry fixies due to insurance concerns, but that doesn't mean you must abandon all hope. Fixie scarcity for travelers may be changing drastically, with the introduction of Montague Bikes' new portable fixie, shown above.

The Montague Boston , a fixed-gear, is portable, lightweight, and can be taken on planes, trains and automobiles.

“The idea for the Boston was conceived when we examined how people use their bikes in an urban environment,” says Montague product manager Jonathan Vandenberg. “We found that while the concept of a low maintenance, 700c, single speed was ideal for city riding, it clashed with the severe lack of space that most cities suffer. Let's face it; it’s often hard to find secure outdoor parking for your bike, and who realistically has room in their studio apartment to accommodate a bike? The Boston's standard full-size geometry allows you to ride comfortably all day long, and when you reach your destination, you can fold the bike down to take it inside. It also looks great and can be easily customized as it uses all standard components."

The Boston delivers unprecedented performance and portability in three frame sizes: 17”, 19” & 21”. Standard components make this bike easy to customize at the bike shop. The Boston retailsfor $699.

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