Thursday, October 1, 2009

pretty baby?

remember this?
this image, appropriated by Richard Prince for his show "Spiritual America", is causing a furor in London, of all the extent that the Tate Modern has CANCELLED the show...after being told by Scotland Yard the museum would be in violation of UK obscenity laws if the exhibition proceeded.

Boy did they cave. Sheesh. They should have just kept calm and carried on and reveled in all of the negative publicity and made a fortune.

Haven't they heard of Robert Mapplethorpe?

Apparently the whole show has been taken down---you can't even get the book!

I saw the show at the Guggenheim in 2007, and was pretty blown away by it.

The images are arresting; they're basically Warhol 7.0--but the main thing I was intrigued by was what the original photographers thought about their work being appropriated by Prince (and sold for millions of dollars), and if they had been paid any money by Prince.