Thursday, April 29, 2010

Was Banksy Really Randy Quaid All Along?

After having just seen "Exit Through the Gift Shop", a highly entertaining documentary about the secretive and world-famous street artist Banksy, I was expecting him to look more like ...this guy, but without the mask. 

However, according to an article from two years ago in the London Daily Mail, he actually looks more like...this.

Not that we have any evidence an unmasked Subcomandante Marcos wouldn't not look like Randy Quaid, but would you be surprised if the enigmatic Zapatista turned out to look more like this than this?
Would it change your level of interest in the Mexican rebel movement?  
Banksy's a handsome-enough dude, not what you were expecting, perhaps. But maybe this "expose" was just another ruse planted in the media by Banksy himself, to throw off suspicions about his identity.
Like the time he agreed to have a televised dinner with Joan Collins at her home estate near Bristol, and sent an actor in his place.

The actor hired for the Joan Collins dinner certainly looks much more in keeping with what I presume most people would expect Banksy to look like, but who knows? Maybe the Randy Quaid/Patrick Dempsey hybrid
"exposed" by The Daily Mail is just the real Banksy's Allen Midgette?.