Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Parallel Perceptions" at New York City Opera

New York City Opera is demonstrating how elite cultural institutions can stay relevant by thinking outside the box.

Rachel Papo
Preparing for First Hand Grenade Throwing

Elinor Carucci,
Mother Drives Me in the Rain

Nikki Lee
Part #21

Generating buzz for the opera company's 2009-2010 season, City Opera is doing away with traditional diva portraits and ensemble pics in this year's promotional materials, favoring, instead, contemporary work by emerging artists such as photographers Ryan McGinley, Elinor Carucci and
Christopher Morris.

“The visual arts are an intrinsic part of City Opera’s mission, whether as costume design, set and lighting design or graphics,” stated George Steel, General Manager and Artistic Director of New York City Opera. “As we begin our new season, we are proud to encourage and support artists not only on the stage but in the studio.”

The results, which can be seen on subway posters, promotional fliers and print ads for New York City Opera's 2009-2010 season,  are enigmatic and arresting; forcing the viewer to contemplate why works like Madame Butterfly, Esther, and Partenope never really go away.

Read more here about City Opera's effort to bring opera's contemporary relevance to the forefront...

This fall, beginning on November 5, New York City Opera will be showcasing the work of photographers Elinor Carucci, Christopher Morris and Rachel Papo, whose work will amplify the images representing the company’s productions of the 2009-10 season. The exhibition, Parallel Perceptions, will occupy all four rings of the newly renovated David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center and will be displayed from November 5-22, 2009. In addition to showcasing the work of these three photographers, the additional photographs illustrating the New York City Opera 2009-10 season will also be on show, including images by Nikki Lee and Ryan McGinley. The exhibition is curated by Naomi Ben-Shahar.